Candidate for Mayor Bringing Campaign Message Directly to Voters

CONTACT: David S. Rapaport, <br> FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | July 11, 2019

Weymouth, MA—The campaign to elect Ed Cowen to Mayor of Weymouth launches this week. Mr. Cowen is going to meet-and-greets, knocking doors, and listening to voters in order to better understand their concerns and share his message of people-first town governance.

“I’ve been back on the South Shore for a decade now after serving two tours overseas, and I believe it’s time that people come first at Town Hall,” said Mr. Cowen. “I’m a US Marine Corps veteran with a strong desire to serve the people of Weymouth. We’re facing major challenges, and I believe I can help us meet those challenges head on with thoughtful, innovative, and effective solutions.”

Mr. Cowen’s campaign is focused primarily on improving local support for people affected by drug and alcohol abuse, protecting vulnerable environmental areas, and encouraging responsible business growth. “After I came back from Iraq, I had a very hard time adjusting to civilian life. I was lost, like a lot of vets, and I found my way back through the incredible support of great programs for veterans. Those programs aren’t open to everyone, but as Mayor, I will make the recovery of our citizens a priority, with support for rehabilitative and community-building initiatives aimed at our most at-risk populations.”

Mr. Cowen believes that protecting the environment is critical to ensuring the long-term success of Weymouth. Cowen’s platform includes support for green policies which encourage citizens and businesses to treat the environment respectfully, as well as an increased focus on gathering data on pollutants already contaminating the region. Mr. Cowen offers the unpoliced air of the Fore River Basin as an example: “We don’t even know how dirty the air is in North Weymouth, let alone what effects pollutants are already having on families and children who live there. We know it smells bad, but we need to know if it’s making us sick. As your mayor, I’ll prioritize the health and wellness of my constituency above any other concern.”

Finally, Mr. Cowen sees the empty storefronts along 3A and in Union Point as missed opportunities for growth, saying, “Weymouth should be a boomtown in 2019, but 3A looks worse than it did in 2009. Union Point is a parking lot with families and seniors stranded in the middle. The next mayor has to turn that around responsibly. Any businesses that come in should do so with the understanding that they will be expected to be a partner in ensuring the success of our town. Businesses must bring well-considered plans for development, and understand that they must provide jobs for locals, abide by union contracts, adhere to our laws, and clean up after themselves if they make a mess.”

Ed Cowen, a USMC veteran, is running for Mayor of Weymouth. His campaign draws its motto from that of the USMC. “Honor. Courage. Commitment.” reflects Cowen’s commitment to leading with integrity and prioritizing the well-being of people over all other concerns. Cowen lives in North Weymouth with his dog, Evander. For more information about the campaign, visit or social media channels.

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