Leighann Rogers

Ed and Leighann head to prom.

Leighann Rogers
Longtime Friend

Leighann’s Endorsement of Ed Cowen for Mayor of Weymouth

Ed Cowen for Mayor! Wow, I never thought I’d say that. You see, I’ve known Ed since childhood and he is the exact opposite of what comes to mind when thinking about a politician. Ed is kind and compassionate, a lover of animals and the environment and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is also honest, bluntly at times, and trustworthy, which makes him a good person to turn to for advice. And he’s funny. Basically, you’d have a pretty awesome Mayor when he’s elected. Not only is he very passionate about positive change for ALL the people in his community, but for the world we live in as a whole. So, even though I never imagined him in a political role, isn’t he the perfect candidate for the job? The person we all say we want leading us, but have yet to find? Remove the labels: Rep., Dem, etc. Shouldn’t what a person does matter more? These are questions I ask myself when choosing a candidate to get behind. There’s no trust fund, no Ivy League degree, what you see is what you get with Ed. And I for one, think you’re pretty lucky to have him as a candidate. A breath of fresh air when all we’ve had to choose from in the past is “the lesser of two evils.” We deserve better representation locally, nationally and around the globe. It’s time to make the changes we’ve been waiting for. Elect someone with a voice, YOUR voice and someone who understands what is at stake for everyone.

Eddie, I am so proud of the man you have become and I am honored to call you family and a friend. I know you will make positive impacts in our world, whichever role you choose in the future.

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