Dave Rapaport

Ed and Dave pose for a photo in front of a bright painting of a coffee farm.
Ed and Dave take a break to pose for a photo during a meeting at a Weymouth coffee shop.

Campaign Chair, Cowen Committee
CEO, ElatUS Services

Dave’s Endorsement of Ed Cowen for Mayor of Weymouth

My incidental meeting with Ed in 2012 has had life changing relevancies for me, my family and those that I serve in the Veteran, disabled and addicted communities. Ed’s integrity, drive and indomitable spirit have been evident since the January day we met when I was assigned to be his mentor by the Norfolk County Veterans Treatment Court. Ed not only talks the talk about giving back but walks the walk. He backs it up with service. Several years ago, I was proud to invite Ed to join the Board of Directors for ElatUS Essential Support Services, Inc. helping the disabled, homeless and addicted populations in Massachusetts. He has never been too busy to help or be available for ElatUS or any other community request for his assistance, including volunteering at my temple in Holbrook. Recently, Ed helped us build a ramp to improve access to the building which was very much needed and appreciated.

I stand by Ed as he works to improve Weymouth by recognizing our needs and desires while developing meaningful and workable solutions that give all stakeholders a voice. I have never known Ed to shy away from a challenge and his running for Mayor of Weymouth exemplifies his commitment. The residents of Weymouth will soon witness Ed’s exceptional listening skills and how he uses them to negotiate positive and productive resolutions.

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