A Note from Eddie

Ed smiles in front of Libby Field across from Town Hall
Ed smiles in front of Libby Field across from Town Hall

Dear Neighbor,

I’m Ed Cowen. I’m 32, a Marine combat vet, and a North Weymouth resident. I love our town, and I know we can make it better. 

Weymouth is facing a lot of challenges right now. We’re just outside Boston, but for some reason, our major roadways have empty storefronts and boarded-up buildings. On the south end of town, Union Point, which offered such promise initially, has become a desert trap for the homeowners who bought there, hoping to raise their families in a modern, innovative environment. On the north end of town, we have polluted air, water, and soil, and it’s looking very likely that we’ll soon have another major source of pollution in the already overburdened Fore River Basin. We have the Chapman school rebuilding project to oversee, the new Tufts library to bring to completion, many roadway, housing, and commercial development projects in the pipeline, and I believe we need new leadership to ensure that these projects move forward in a responsible way. We have to meet milestones and deadlines. We should ensure that our environment is respected. We need to ensure that we have enough water to support all these projects. We must demand that every project puts the needs of the citizens of this town before every other consideration. 

The people of Weymouth are civic-minded, thoughtful, environmentally-aware, and deeply loyal to their neighbors. I didn’t grow up in Weymouth, but I have never lived in a place I felt more at home. I’ve been in Weymouth for four years, and I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known in my life right here. I know that if we work together, if we seek and identify the best ideas and strategies, if we talk more with each other, we can achieve everything we want for Weymouth, and more. 

Join my campaign. Help me get the word out. Let’s move Weymouth forward together!

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