Fight the Compressor Station

Ed is on the bridge this week, and every week.

Enbridge’s proposed compressor station in North Weymouth represents a major threat to the health, safety, and well-being of the residents of the South Shore. The most serious outcome of its unprecedented installation in a densely-populated area by a gas company with a long history of safety violations is that it blows up, destroying the Fore River Bridge and surrounding homes and businesses, killing or sickening thousands of residents, including 3,100 children who live within a mile of the site. Thankfully, this is not very likely. 

However, it is certain that the compressor station will pollute our air and water with cancer-causing chemicals, bad smells, and incredibly distracting noise. It almost seems that we are doomed to suffer yet another major source of pollution in our area, because gas company investor Governor Baker wants it that way, and no one seems to be able to convince him otherwise. 

I believe we can still stop this project if we do a few things right between now and the day they break ground on construction, which thankfully is delayed yet again due to the legal maneuverings of the town, regional allies, FRRACS and allied organizations, and Enbridge’s own failure to conduct soil testing

  1. Demand passage of Representative Murphy’s bill to install an Air Quality Monitoring Station in the Fore River Basin in the State Senate, and support a House and Senate override vote should Baker veto it.
  2. Demand that the Air Quality Monitoring Station be installed immediately, so that we can begin collecting data regularly and make noise every time we see that toxic chemical limits have been exceeded (likely every day).
  3. Support Weymouth’s legal costs unequivocally in fighting the compressor station. $1.5M has already been spent, and there is more to come, but the loss to property value would dwarf that. We cannot allow Weymouth property values to drop 25-50% for short-term savings. 

I am Ed Cowen. I want to be your next Mayor, but I am not waiting until election day to start doing the job. I am out on the Fore River Bridge standing with FRRACS every Wednesday at 4. Will you join me? 

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